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Ruby / OpenGL sidescrolling renderer

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Hey guys, I've spent a lot of time lurking on here, picking up random bits of knowledge now and again. I've recently made a little 2D rendering framework in OpenGL and Ruby 1.8. It isn't the fastest thing ever, but it was significantly more enjoyable to write than C++ (work, gah!). It's not in any way complete...and it is a pain to get the deps going on all but windows (ive posted up a complete running directory for windows with ruby interpreter & gems & all), but it is quite straightforward and does a few nifty things - shaders, and shadows and physics (via chipmunk) to name a few. In summary, it is in no way complete or fast, but it should be pretty easy to understand and could be a good reference for anyone else interested in writing something similar in ruby :) The 2 'demo' scenes ive put in there are pretty lame (i have no concept of art), but I think you can get the gist of it! Code here, along with a zip that should run straight up on windows (without battling gem deps). Hope this is useful to someone :) If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email scott <at> scott gerring dot com

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