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I've been making the odd small project here and there, a model loader, 2D engine and the sort, but nothing that was relatively large. I started a medium sized project about a week ago, and I'm approaching it slowly planning the data structures and such. But then it came to me, if I want to create a fairly decent medium sized project I'm gonna have to be more serious about debugging, since I've only really done micro projects before, I didn't really feel debugging was all that neccesery. I've looked around the net and there really isn't much about debugging (apologoies if I just suck at searching for stuff and there is plenty of material out there in the open) so I was hoping someone could kindly point me to anywhere that goes from the basics to the moderately advanced stuff.

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A debugger can be a nice tool to look very detailed at your code at runtime, but in my opinion you needn't necessarily use a debugger. It's useful sometimes though. Debugging does not implicitly mean you are using a debugger to step through your code. Another way to debug you code is to implement a logger (or simple console output) that writes useful strings and variable values. (This article can be useful)

If you want to find guides/tutorials on how to use a debugger you have to say what language and compiler you are using.
- Visual C++, Link 2
- gdb

You don't need to debug if you don't write bugs [grin] (impossible...)

EDIT: the link from SiCrane seems to be very useful...

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