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Getting the ping in Enet.

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Does anyone know how to actually do this? I know you can get peer->roundTripTime.. but that's not the actual ping. It's an averaged value over the last x seconds. It's quite annoying, because it starts at 500 by default.. and because it's averaged, it takes a while for it to settle down to the actual ping. Thus.. when players join a game.. for the first 30seconds they warp all over the place because when I extrapolate by the latency it moves them forward by ~500ms, when the actual ping is like.. 50ms. Also, in my server lobby when I want to ping all servers.. I either have to wait for a few seconds until the ping levels out (seems pointless), or I get a highly inaccurate ping of ~400 or so. So surely there must be a way to get the raw, unaveraged ping of a peer? Thanks, Ben.

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