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ID3DXFont Problems

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Hi, I recently updated some major parts of my code (specifically, the rendering department) and when updating the text display, some things went wrong. Basically, I am using ID3DXFont to render text (specifically the name of a monster) and before it worked just fine, but now I am rendering everything in a 2D way, which seems to have affected the text. All I changed to the code is the means in which it calculates the top/left of the text. Currently it draws the the text fine in the color I specify, but it seems to draw extra black pixels; for example, when drawing "Llama" the first L has a row of black pixels below it, and the m gets really distorted with black pixels basically surrounding it. The text that gets screwed up are getting called before the sprite->End() call, and everything after seems to be rendered just fine. Any ideas? (I will post code if need be, but its hard because things are spread out everywhere, so I am trying to give relevant details without forcing anyone to sift through code).

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