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Hello! Interesting game thoughts.

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Greetings. I am 紫鹃 (zih jyuan). Good luck making a nickname! I'm new here, but I have really fun thoughts and I'm interested in a lot of things! First off, a short introduction before I post the original idea of the development! I'm a really nice and cheery person.. I am very opinionated some times but I do not insult or play mean to someone. I am accepting and kind! I promise to abide the rules of the forum, and have a good time and hope everyone else does. I am originally from Taiwan, I have dual-citizen ship in both Taiwan and America. I visit my home every year at least once. When I can afford it! I speak Mandarin as a first language and can speak Taiwanese/English as my second. I live in the United States currently, and am a fully registered citizen. I have lived here for 6years so far, but my English grammar learning exceeds 10. I enjoy Economics, Language, International Relationships, RPG, RTS, Scientific Theory, Astronomy, Schooling, Learning, Teaching, History, and many other things like Music as a hobby! I am interested in making friends and having a friendly fun time. I don't pay attention to insults or mean people, so if you are mean, go ahead and be mean but I really won't be listening! I am open to criticism as well~ My last area of hobby interest is games. I do not have super amounts of time for them, but sometimes they can be entertaining. Yes, I am female, but gender is trivial! So do not concern yourself with it. I think it is better to ignore the idea completely. I do not look for that relationship on the internet. To the game idea! I am really fascinated in economics and government structure. I like to learn new things about places in the world and how they work as well as history of their area. So the game I enjoy is a game where you can have the ideals of building a civilisation(E.g. Sim City, Civilisation, Empire Earth) only the ideal in most of the games I have played is to destroy your opponents. I prefer the idea of making a superior economic powerhouse out of a nation! I want some sort of a RPG element in a RTS-like building game..its hard to describe, so let me continue.. Say you start a game and you can choose to be a regular citizen and join a nation, or a founder of sorts, with your own ideal of what a government should be. You can basically customise your thoughts and bring them into fruition by purchasing some land in this "world" (like an online RPG world) and beginning to build an empire by taking out loans and what-not, slowly building your nation, and using your own form of government. You could almost test out different forms of government to see what would work and what would work better! People could choose to be a citizen of several different countries(perhaps to eventually fund their own country) and make their living by having global marketing of some sort, or having a shop/market/business in your country. This helps your own income as well as theirs. People pay taxes of your ideal, and if peopel make a lot of money as well as you, they would probably stay longer, and support you more. Government could be formed and you can have your own delegates chosen for who is a part of it..somewhat like an actual government system like many governments around today have. I am aiming for realistic, and detailed in ideal. You could also have A.I. sort of citizens too.. if there aren't enough people. But that's just the general idea of what I'd like to see in a game. There aren't enough games out there where they're realistically based off of economic situations and building an empire where you do not actually have to conquer the others around you... It could be an idea to HAVE that to be available, but the administrators of this said game could probably choose whether or not to punish someone for attacking..somewhat like the United Nations, if you know what I mean guys. :) So I like the idea of a realistic scenario sort of game, in a RPG method. Maybe it is not a good idea, and a game like that would take forever to establish.. but it just sounds extremely fun to someone like me. I don't think it would appeal to those who prefer tearing people apart or find economy and balance boring. Opinions? Extra ideas? Please add! I am open to critique! Maybe my idea could be better. :) I have not really seen any games similar to that other than Sim City type games, but they don7t really focus on a RPG feel. They focus on, of course, an RTS sort of feel, only they're city builder games, not really attacking purpose games~ [Edited by - zih_jyuan on February 6, 2009 4:52:45 AM]

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