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Help with my state machine....

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Here is what i am doing... 1) create base State class with an enum of all possible states 2) for each unique state, derive a new state class 3) create a state manager that stores the states and iterates through them

void StateManger::Setup()
state.push_back( new StateStart() );
state.push_back( new StateMiddle() );
state.push_back( new StateFinish() );


// call this in the update loop

// implementation
void StateManger::Update(float dt)
   for( all states )


where does the state machine come into it?
i have a state manager and state classes but why do i need a state machine class?

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Original post by gameplayprogammer
why do i need a state machine class?

Um, if it works the way you want it to, why would you need any additional code? If you don't know why you need it, you probably don't.

I don't really understand the issue.

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Depending on how you want to structure your code you can do one of two things:


while ( 1 ) updateAllStates( dt );

This means that your STATES are doing all the work. This can get really messy, as your states do have to know about eachother, and there is no good way to know what state should be modifying the world right now.



while ( 1 )
if ( selectNewState() )
updateActiveState( dt );

This means that each state would have to implement some means of selection, like a "can activate". The selectNewState function would then find the state with the best response to "can you activate", then switch to it (posible shortcuts include letting the active state always win if it can still activate, thus cutting the total number of checks that you have to do). Then only one state is updated at any one time, and thus no state technically every has to know about any other states in the machine.

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