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UDP on Windows mobile

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I'm developing on a Samsung i718, a phone running Windows CE. The SDK is Windows Mobile 6 Professional. The problem is with sending UDP from the phone. As far as I can tell, everything works correctly, and sendto reports that my entire message was sent. (return value is the number of bytes in the message). However, my server never actually receives the packet. The phone is connected to the internet using ActiveSync over bluetooth. I can browse web pages on the phone, so I know the connection is working. And I've tried using dummy UDP clients to connect to the server, and they work also, so I know the server is correctly receiving. What could the problem be? Well, [EDIT]this page says that UDP is not, in fact, supported over ActiveSync. I guess I'll reimplement using TCP and see what happens. [EDIT 2] TCP gave me the same problem - it would claim to connect to the server and send data, even when the server program was turned off. It turns out the trick with ActiveSync is connect to the host named "ppp_peer", which will give you the PC running ActiveSync. Directly connecting to other hosts based on their IP addresses is not supported, as far as I can tell. [Edited by - myrdos on October 20, 2008 5:32:55 PM]

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