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Getting Started With Windowed Applications

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I'm going to get started with creating windowed applications (in C++) after I finish up PHP and SQL. Is wxWidgets a good choice for making windowed applications? I'm looking for something that is: -Portable -Easy to use -Feature rich -Gives you a lot of control over your programs -Doesn't take up too much of your time to learn or make programs with If you have anything else other than wxWidgets, please post it here. Thank you.

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I'm using wxWidgets for a level editor, and it's fantastic piece of kit. I've had a lot of trouble finding a decent dialog editor to go with it though. I've settled for wxFormBuilder, but it's really tricky to use and you can't pick a design out of your mind and go create - it has many restrictions or where objects are placed.

If you're willing to opensource your project, Qt is a bit more professional. It has better documentation, a very polished dialog editor and full integration with KDevelop if Linux is your development platform of choice, but you must open up your source for the licence restriction.

If you're creating the whole project using code and no help from a design tool, I'd go with wxWidgets.

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You should check out Qt4 also. Its very good and don't look like MFC and have those message map crap. Has a fantastic gui designer in it. Has a translator tool for translating your application. Very optimized. And is updated constantly and has unicode string support and others. HTTP, FTP, etc classes which are event based. And easily portable to KDE4 code also which is based on Qt also.

#include <QApplication>
#include <QWidget>
int main(int argc, char **argv)
QApplication app(argc, argv);
QWidget *window = new QWidget;

window->setWindowTitle("First Program");
window->resize(320, 200);

return app.exec();

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