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Tasty_Snax    122
Hey everyone, I am currently taking classes at the University of Houston for a computer science degree. I am looking to become a game programmer, and am taking a full course load, including Calculus II. I was looking through the degree plan this semester and noticed that they just took off Calculus III from the list of required courses. As I am fairly new and inexperienced in the realm of 3D and game programming, I thought I would ask y'all. Would taking Calculus III help me in my career? Is it needed? Thanks in advance, Ryan Vowell

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daviangel    604
Original post by AlphaCoder
It couldn't hurt, but it's not required.

Linear algebra and discrete are probably the most important college classes you can take to supplement Computer Science.

Yeah those are way more useful!
Besides most colleges don't agree on what is taught in CalcIII.
Just be glad it's one less course to take and you'll be able to graduate on time. One thing though is that if you take linear algebra they will usually skip through the simple vector,distance between plane formulas,etc because they assume you already learned about it in calc 3!
Also, in California anyways most UC's and state colleges require it for CS Majors usually.

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