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Maya API: Maya crash on MFileIO::newFile

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I have an exporter implemented as a separate application, loading Maya in library mode and working its magic. Now everything works fine until the exporter reaches its destructor. There MFileIO::newFile(true); is called to reset the state in Maya. Here's where Maya crashes. It happens on some models not all of them but the differences are so big, I have no clue what could be the cause. Usually larger and more complex models make Maya crash. Now I can remove that line form the destructor but I have the same line just before I call open on the filet. If I export two models, the second one will crash Maya on MFileIO::newFile just before I open that second file. This pretty much means that I must do something to mess something up in Maya. Does anyone have any ideas what I could be doing to make Maya crash on newFile()?

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