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Moving from SDL to DirectX

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When I started learning to program games I found the DirectX tutorials I read to be a bit confusing so I just started using SDL and Lazy Foo's tutorials instead whicih I found rather straightforward. Right now I've completed clones of: Pong, Breakout, Space Invaders, Pacman and Tetris. Given that DirectX is pretty much the industry standard (or at least rather ubiquitous) it makes to learn that at some point, though it was my original intention to learn it first when I got sidetracked by SDL. So... as vague a question as it may be; would now be a good time to switch to DirectX? Given that I've learned quite a bit about the basics of 2D game programming in SDL and the only real difficulty would be in getting used to the new API. Or might it be more beneficial to press on with more complex stuff in SDL first? To anyone who started with DirectX: How did you find it? Must be people here who started with SDL and moved on to DirectX too. Help/ideas/2D DirectX tutorial links please? :D Thanks. Also: As an aside, is getting started with 3D game programming a lot harder than 2D programming or does it just seem like much more of a big complicated thing than it is? Just for future reference...

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