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2d Map Makers and Animations

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Hello, I am still a beginner into game programming. I am learning C++ to build my games and I sort of paused on learning codes for the past few days because I am figuring out what programs I need to build maps, characters and animated objects. Here is what I am thinking of for my animations and graphics for my game: - 2D Maps - Maps looking like Donkey Kong Country or Jazz Jack Rabbit. Old but fun games. I'm sure some of you remember them. Is there any software which does those sort of maps? =) - Characters - Programs that will get me to draw nice characters, or should I draw the characters to the computer? But even if I scan my drawings to the computer, I still don't know what program would clean up my drawings and edit them. - Animation - Basically a good program that gets me to draw my objects and animate them by frames. For example, a coin which spins and moves up and down. The character passes by to pick it up and the coin disappears with an effect. May I have a list of programs that would do all these jobs for me? This can also be helpful for other programmers who love to make games. Thank You for reading =)

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