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Galaxy Empire DX Game Engine

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Galaxy Empire is still in the pre-alpha state. This engine is based on a server-client setup and is fully programmable through INI scripts. I am looking for developers to help the project along. Mainly needed at this time are content and tool developers. Or just stop by and give your ideas on what you would like to see. [Edited by - LancerSolurus on January 11, 2009 10:43:56 PM]

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Multi-state HUD system cosisting of around 19 different player states
Text based INI configuration scripts
DirectX based rendering system
FX particle system
FX pulse beam system
Ray-cast collision detection
Triggerable FX
Script based key command set
Full 3D flight system and surface cameras
Dynamic markets which are based upon what is generated at that base
Trading system with persistant markets, what you sell at a base will still be there if nobody else buys it
FX particle animated textures
Continuous universe based on sectors, including sector jumping using jump gates and wormholes
Nebulas are generated on the fly, controlled by a single seed value
Lights that include a mesh, plus they also support occlusion base lens flares
Sublight & warp velocities are totally independent of each other
Preset speed settings 0 to 10 for both sublight & warp travel
Texture glow maps, bump maps and environment maps are all supported
Multiple different ship hardpoint types, from pilots to transporters
Supports 256 simultaneous players on the server
3D rooms for every state, this includes all of the various trader rooms
Automatic ground height calculation for surface objects, no need to continually restart the game to see the proper height, just set an offset and be done with it


[Edited by - LancerSolurus on January 12, 2009 1:40:50 AM]

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A major upgrade has been completed on the game. This includes a major bug fix caused by using double floats in Visual Studio that was causing alot of grief with the buying and selling of items in the markets.

Also completed are the commodity and equipment dealers. Each part is now fully functional allowing for full buying and selling of commodities and equipment.

Equipment mounting has been finished. This allows the ability to mount the equipment that you have purchased.

Within a week the bases will also be able to manufacture goods and equipment that the player can buy.

5 star systems have already been linked by jump gates with a total of 63 already scripted. It will feature many of the custom races and systems found in Solurus Systems MOD that I made for Freelancer.

And for the emails I keep getting, no, I do not use the Freelancer engine, this is my own game engine that I wrote from scratch. It may look similar but that is as far as it goes.

So if you wish to help, travel on over to the Galaxy Empire website and register. Or just simply download the autoupdater and play, I can always use testers to help find glitches...

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