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DirectInput Key bindings

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Just wondering what is the general method to remap keys to work with directinput.

I think it would be something like this no?
dword keys[array of all your key constants];
Then you can later do things like keys[up]=VK_UP;

Or am i way off track here?

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You actually need a UCHAR keymap[256];
You then set the data format, acquire the keyboard, and then in your main loop get the keyboard key info with a call to IDIRECTINPUTDEVICE2::GetDeviceState();

Once you have that, you can use the keymap variable in an array, like this:

if(keyword[DIK_ESCAPE] & 0x80)
// escape is pressed, do something!

The DIK_* constants are DirectInput specific, they're not the win32 ones, and are probably explained in the SDK.

I hope this has helped. It is possible that some of the things I said don't make sense, I'm in the middle of my exams and haven't touched my compiler for 2 weeks or so.

/Alexander Deruwe

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