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Mobile Augmented Reality coding, my impression

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I’ve finished porting my AR Game prototype to Symbian 9.* (Nokia N95 and like). OK, what have I learned ? 1. 300+ Mhz CPU is quite enough for multimarker-tracking based AR. 2. Floating point and fixed point calculations. First version was for Symbian 7.0s, without hardware floating point support, so I tried to make exposure to floating point minimal. As result, on the Nokia N95, which have floating point (VFP) I don’t see any difference in performance between software floating point version and hardware floating point. 3. Symbian platform fragmentation. It bad. 4. Use optimization ! performance difference between O3 and no optimization is huge.(I use GCCE compiler) or you can read it here. blog posts [Edited by - serg3d on October 29, 2008 12:29:02 AM]

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