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I've a mesh, with multiple materials. I want to draw all the subset with material != material with index = 2 for examle For all the submesh with material = 2 i want to obtain the coordinates of each vertex. To draw i've learned that mMesh->DrawSubset(j) does the work. i need something like mMesh->getVertex(j) that gives me the list of vertex of the j material. I've discovered this approach: DWORD dwAttribTableSize; mMesh->GetAttributeTable(NULL, &dwAttribTableSize); D3DXATTRIBUTERANGE* pAttribTable = new D3DXATTRIBUTERANGE[dwAttribTableSize]; mMesh->GetAttributeTable(pAttribTable, &dwAttribTableSize); pAttibTable gives me an array with the start vertex and end vertex of each material, but i'm a little messed to try to read these vertex. Thanks!

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