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Pixel Correct Shadow Maps (Take 2) With Temporal Reprojection

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It's been a year and the previous thread is retired, but I was wondering if wyrzy and coderchris and those guys had any luck implementing Pixel Correct Shadow Maps using the history buffer (Scherzer,2007)? I'm new to shadow maps but was leaning toward that approach. I'm wondering: A) what do we do about moving objects - don't they smudge the history buffer? B) how exactly do we blend the history buffer in Cg. I have two textures representing the last two depth buffers, but I can't seem to blend them without another pass. C) should we use multiple FBO's or one FBO with multiple color buffers - and if so, (with only one depth buffer available per FBO) do we have to translate (i.e. from -1 to 1 range to 0 to 1 range)? I assume I should use the ping ponging technique? Thanks in advance! Previous thread: Original article: [Edited by - bigneil on October 24, 2008 9:14:56 AM]

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