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[Wild Magic 4.7] Transformations

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hacer    139
Hi I have a question to any one who used David's Eberly Wild Magic engine v. 4.7. I was studying his code and i have a problem to locate the spot where WORLD, PROJECTION, VIEW transforms are applied to DirectX renderer. I couldn't find it in code nor in book. I thought it will be done via D3DTS_VIEW, D3DTS_WORLD, D3DTS_PROJECTION flags on device. Please help me. Thank you in advance

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Dave Eberly    1173
The sequence of functions that leads to setting the "renderer constants" (shader constants that I support automatically when you use special names in the FX programs) is the following:

Renderer::ApplyEffect(ShaderEffect*, bool&);

In EnableVProgram, the code block with the comment "// Process the renderer constants." is the one that sets the various world, view, and projection matrices.

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