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Famdari    122
Hello, I was wondering if there was a resource for finding some of the equations or the methodology in creating the equations used in making CRPG's? For example, How much of a bonus a particular stat might give in a skill check, or how much damage might be mitagated by a dodge stat, or armor rating. I've seen so many different and varried equations for stats in games ranging from WoW to Might and Magic. Other types of equations I'd be interested in learning more about, and in particular the process of creating the equation itself, would include stat generation on random items, etc.. Thanks in advance, Fam

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Telastyn    3777
There's probably no great centralized resource. An intro stats class might help, but the general behaviors lay around some standard concepts:

Relation - How are the stats interconnected. Some are obvious. More strength leads to more attack damage. Some are not. If you have 20 points for stats, and put most into strength, you're going to necessarily have less intelligence.

This will also include rates of change. If your strength goes up 1 point, how much do you want attack damage to go up? Linearly? Exponentially? With some diminishing returns? You then use that to tailor your equations.

Range - What do you want the max and min of randomness to be?

Distribution - Do you want most of the numbers to be near the middle of the range, the edges? How much.

Dice are a good easy way to see how things change. 1d16+2 and 3d6 provide the same range, but different distributions. A quick program (or a webtool, or math calculation) will show quickly the differences. You can then use that sort of info to tailor your randomness to the range and distribution that you want in your game design.

It's just a matter of deciding what you want; what traits the relations/results should have and then modeling that mathematically. Hope this helps a little.

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nmjohn    178
Just as a hint, unless you're making a fairly close clone to one of the mentioned games, those equations will be effectively worthless. When generating equations for stuff, just imagine what distribution you want.

Do you want random drops to be common or rare? Do you want more items to be dropped when your inventory is empty and less when it's full? Do you want to increase the percentage of a rare drop depending on the number of a specific enemy killed? These things can be sandboxed early on in the development period, but will ultimately be fine tuned and possibly scrapped all together when play testing occurs.

I would almost suggest not looking at other games equations as examples at all. I find that knowing how things are already done may inadvertently stunt creative, and you may be tempted to use one of their equations straight when it may not be appropriate.

Good luck.

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