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Trying to Unaquire DI properly to return devices to Windows

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When I ALT-TAB or minimize out of my application, code I set in the program is still running SetCursorPos to the center of the window and ShowCursor() is set to false. I figured my solution was WM_ACTIVATE APP, and I wrote a function called ShareDevices() which does nothing more than call UnAquire() on both my keyboard and mouse objects. The cursor is visible again, but I think the DirectX app retains it's grip since I still can't move it. How do I ensure that the keyboard and mouse remain in the app's control only when's it active? What am I missing/forgetting?
                return 0;
            } break;

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SetCursorPos and ShowCursor are not part of DirectInput. If you use them, you have to do any "releasing" yourself.

You're good with WM_ACTIVATEAPP already. Store a bool holding the last activation state. If you're not active do not call SetCursorPos.

A good idea would be to go into pause mode if your window looses the active state.

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