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[OpenAL] Mono files a lot quieter on SOME systems

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I'm using OpenAL to stream ogg files to play music, voice dialog etc. On my system the volume is the same for mono or stereo, but on SOME systems (not all the same sound card/chip), the mono ogg file is barely audible. Stereo ogg files play back fine. Turning the mono file into a stereo file with the same content in each channel resultes in normal volume. I'm doubtful that the ogg aspect has anything to do with it. I make the following call for the source: alSourcei(mSource, AL_SOURCE_RELATIVE, true); and also set position, velocity to 0. I'm pretty sure this sets up the source so that it will play at constant volume regardless of what the listener position is. I wonder if I'm missing something. The OpenAL spec says that stereo sources are played without "3D spatialization", and maybe that's why the volume is always good for them. I wish there was a call that guaranteed the same thing for a mono source. I'm not 100% sure that setting AL_SOURCE_RELATIVE to true guarantees that. If anyone has encountered the same sort of issue I'd sure like to hear about it.

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