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[New Game] Survival

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Hello everyone! I just finished a new Flash mini game. Survival an exciting game of cat and mouse! Dodge the invading horde of red squares and try to survive as long as possible. Survival Thumbnail It started as an experiment with the Flash glow filter and turned into a mini game. Funny how these things happen :) Enjoy, Xlander

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Quick and simple yet very addictive! I was determined to beat your high score, took me about 10 tries. First impressions: Asteroids without the shooting?

One small pick at it - it's unfair that the squares can spawn on top of the player (without any notice). You could combat this by making sure they can't spawn within a certain radius of the player, or more favourably have it appear in blue (and non collidable) and have it fade to red after a few seconds, then it becomes a threat.

It's still a bit basic. It could do with some sort of level system - have them appear in waves, 3 waves per level? The higher the level, the more squares spawn?

How about some powerups, lives and and ailments next? Here's a few ideas:

Helpful pickups:
- Time bender: Slows down all reds for 5 seconds
- Grenade: Destroys all reds within a certain radius of the player
- Hitman: Destroys half of the reds currently on screen
- Morphine: Extra life
- Invincibility: Every red you touch is destroyed for 5 seconds: go nuts with the mouse!
- Invisibility: Reds cannot hurt you for 5 seconds
- Shrink ray: All reds (or the player) shrink to half the size for 5 seconds
- Atom bomb: (Very rare) Destroys every red currently on screen

Hindering pickups:
- Tranquiliser: Slows the player down for 5 seconds
- Booster: Speeds up the reds for 5 seconds
- Home Brew: Mouse gets drunk, wobbles about for 5 seconds
- Too Many Pies: Player grows twice the size for 5 seconds

Introduce them slowly - one per level - with an intro sceen showing what it is and what it does, and get some nice (but simple) icons made for them.

Just some suggestions.

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Hi thanks for the feedback.
Your suggests are pretty cool.
If I can get my hands on some free time I will take a look at getting some powerups like that in there.

Opps yeah the spawners where never meant to kill you.
Turns out I had a bug checking the state of the square if it was spawned or alive. I have fixed that and released version 1.0.3 you are safe from spawners now :)

I hope that makes it more fun and more fair :)


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Looks like a fun addictive game. But for some reason my screen dose not show the cat very well. Like deadstar said you should put power ups in. Would make the game more interesting. A leveling system would also make it interesting. As level goes up so does the difficulty.

Good Luck in future versions.

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