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Corner Slide-correction too fast.

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i am creating a FPS game. If the player is too close to the wall i push him out with the help of the distance to the wall and the walls normal. but if i consider if the player is facing the wall or not gives jerky sliding at corners. If i include this code:if (planes[i].FacingWall(move_v)) (move_V is my direction vector) then the sliding is smooth around the corners BUT then the player is let out of the corners if the angle is less than 90 degrees. if i exclude it then everything works rock solid, but when sneaking around the corner at low speed gives you a too big correction, the player is thrown from the wall too fast. Here is my code, any suggestions? float min_distance_to_wall = 1.1f; for (int i=0; i < planes.size(); i++) { D3DXVECTOR3 vLength; D3DXVec3Subtract(&vLength,&planes[i].ClosestPoint(_camera.mPos),&_camera.mPos); vLength.y = 0; if (D3DXVec3Length(&vLength) < min_distance_to_wall) { float pushOut = min_distance_to_wall - D3DXVec3Length(&vLength); if (planes[i].FacingWall(move_v)) _camera.MoveCamera((planes[i].GetNormalVector() * pushOut)); } D3DXVec3Subtract(&vLength,&planes[i].ClosestPoint(_camera.mPos),&_camera.mPos); vLength.y = 0; }

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