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Compiling ,directx , and vs.

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I am compiling some programs from the dx sdk and I run into this problem. This only happens with code that involves shaders. Basically it will compile and say "Break or continue" , Then it points me to a part of the disassembly. this is what the little arrow points at 77CA7DFE int 3 I searched google and nothing shows up, same with other websites. Any advice? I can not compile any code that uses .fx. It points me to ntdll.dll as the cause of the problems. This occurs with xna as well.

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I am running an 8600 gt as my graphics card.

I will take you through everything I do

1-Build project-No errors
2-Run project-No errors
3-Project runs- Windows has triggered a breakpoint. This may be to corruption in one of the dlls loaded. It also may be a corruption in the heap. The output window may help
4-I click break
5-The arrow points to this

77A77DFE int 3

the long number being the memory address.

6-ntdll.dll is shown at top while debugging and may be corrupt.
7-Restart computer.
8-Same problem.
9-Try something else...

Sometimes when I do build-start without debugging it works. Pressing the green start debugging button never does. What should i do?

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The instruction "int 3" means "CPU interrupt and break into the debugger". It has the hex code 0xCC, and is typically inserted by the compiler on uninitialised data when in debug mode. What it means is that if you try and execute data instead of code (eg. if you happen to smash the stack or something similarly bad), it'll immediately break into the debugger.

I don't know what the problem is, but you should use the debugger to find out where the problem is. Bring up the call stack and trace back to find where exactly in your application the crash occurs.

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