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Creating SVN depot with existing codebase?

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Hi, I have an existing project with code and art assets that I want to add to SVN since new team members have joined and SVN is what everyone is used to. I already have an SVN repository from my web host but at the moment I can't figure out how to upload existing code into it so that my folder is then 'svn'ed'. So far I've tried doing an import to the repository of the project folder, which worked and said 'At revision 1'. However my folder (on my pc) doesn't seem to change to indicate its synced with SVN (have the svn icons in explorer) and I can't do commits/show log on the folder. I then tried doing an SVN Checkout into a new folder but I still didn't have an svn'ed folder. What is the correct method for doing this? It's been about a year since I last did this and I really can't remember. Most articles online seem to show how to setup a repository on my own machine, which isn't what I want. Thanks for reading.

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