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RE: WLOOP in DirectMusic

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I know this was a somewhat old thread, however, I never actually saw a usable solution for the problem posted online anywhere. I figured I might post a fix in case it might be useful. http://www.gamedev.net/community/forums/topic.asp?topic_id=376714 My error: C:/bin/DXSDK/include/dmdls.h:81: error: declaration of `WLOOP _DMUS_REGION::WLOOP[1]' C:/bin/DXSDK/include/dls1.h:264: error: changes meaning of `WLOOP' from `typedef struct _rloop WLOOP' I'm using the latest MinGW on WindowsXP. WLOOP is typedef'ed in dls1.h as: typedef struct _rloop { ULONG cbSize; ULONG ulType; /* Loop Type */ ULONG ulStart; /* Start of loop in samples */ ULONG ulLength; /* Length of loop in samples */ } WLOOP, FAR *LPWLOOP; A structure in dmdls.h uses the WLOOP type in a struct as: typedef struct _DMUS_REGION { RGNRANGE RangeKey; RGNRANGE RangeVelocity; USHORT fusOptions; USHORT usKeyGroup; ULONG ulRegionArtIdx; ULONG ulNextRegionIdx; /* If zero no more regions */ ULONG ulFirstExtCkIdx; WAVELINK WaveLink; WSMPL WSMP; WLOOP WLOOP[1]; } DMUS_REGION; It seems MinGW doesn't like the member variable with the same name as the type. I changed the delcaration to the actual type rather than the typedef'ed alias: // WLOOP WLOOP[1]; struct _rloop WLOOP[1]; I don't believe this will cause problems for existing code. Changing the member name would also work though existing (source) code referencing that field would break. Hope this helps. Thanks, Dave.

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