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Achieving non-color additive blending with D3DIM

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Well I have no solution to this question but rather another question in the same thread....

I have worked on alpha-blend sprite with D3D IM, and it works well (using BLEND_INVSRCCOLOR. But how can you do with video cards supporting only BLEND_ALPHA ??? (this is the case on matrox MGA G100 for example....)


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So I've got D3DIM doing my alpha-blits for me. Cool stuff.

Unfortunately, I can't seem to escape color-additive alpha blending. For example... if I take a completely black square (no colorkey) and alpha-blit it to the background, I want a "tinted-window" effect, where it simply darkens the pixels. Instead I get nothing, as if it can only make the bg *brighter*, never darker.

My hunch is that this has something to do with the rendering state... specifically, the blend factors for the source and destination (XXX_ZERO or XXX_ONE).

Can someone please explain to me how these work, and what things I should set to get that nifty "tinted window" effect?

Thanks much...

Mason McCuskey
Spin Studios

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