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[.net] Mono for game development

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That is definitely interesting. People have been requesting support for SIMD instructions for a while in .NET, and someone went as far as to even add support for it through some hack (don't remember the name/link, but I'm sure someone else here can supply it).

I've always wondered what has been taking Microsoft so long to add it. Although I don't think it is going to be very useful in the form of only getting it through explicit calls to it (would be nice to have it available also through compiler optimization or, although probably unrealistic, JITting), it would at least help shut up those who complain about .NET being slow and not supporting it. ;)

Doesn't sound like Mono had much of a problem implementing it, either. So maybe either Microsoft has something big planned, like much tighter integration into the rest of the managed code (instead of just dumping in SIMD instructions, which is not going to always be ideal), or maybe just no one down there is convinced it would be a good addition. If the latter, hopefully Mono's addition of it will help convince them. :)

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