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[java] How to run a Java class file in Windows Explorer

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Hello Maybe I can share some IP with you guys around here to make your life a little bit easier. Did you ever wanted to run a java application by clicking on the main class file in Windows Explorer. Well I did. And guess what, it didn't work. java couldn't find the main class. After some research I found out that you need to do some command line tricks to get it working, so I wrote a little batch file to launch a java .class file. Here it is: javaClassLauncher.bat
@echo off
rem *******************************************
rem * DISCLAIMER                              *
rem *   I am not responsible for any damage   *
rem *   to your system or loss of data by     *
rem *   running this application.             *
rem *   Use at your own risk.                 *
rem *                                         *
rem * Note:                                   *
rem *   This will only work if the class      *
rem *   file has a main method in it.         *
rem *   The class file should also not be     *
rem *   included in a package. Other class    *
rem *   files may be included in a package.   *
rem *******************************************

rem - replace "javaw" with "java" if javaw is an unknown command
set command=javaw -cp

rem - check file extention for java class ".class" files
for %%i in (%1) do set filepath=%%~xi
if not "%filepath%" == ".class" goto error

rem - get the directory of the class file
for %%i in (%1) do set filepath=%%~dpi
set filepath=%filepath:~0,-1%
set command=%command% "%filepath%"

rem - get the class file name
for %%i in (%1) do set command=%command% %%~ni


rem - process arguments
if "%1" == "" goto launch
set command=%command% %1
goto processarg

rem - run the command
echo %command%
goto stop

echo Wrong file type. Must be ".class"

Just add the batch file to your file associations for the "class" extension and everything should work fine. Open for comments, suggestions, improvements,... :D

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You could also create a jar from those class file(s). Jars are typically executable in Explorer, as long as the Manifest specifies the Main-Class.

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