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Problem of importing the fbx file by my editor

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hey: I've been working on a single map_editor for our racing game for two weeks, and now most of the job has been done. But I got a little problem with the importing work. I use the Microsoft.Build.BuildEngine.Project and Microsoft.Build.BuildEngine.Engine to import the fbx or x file just like the sample of WinFormsContentLoadingSample does it job. But in that project , it just create a temporary folder and delete it when the program termintated , in my project it's unacceptable of deleting the previous imported model just because I want to import a new model into the editor. But I found that when build function has been invoked , it delete all of the xnb file with the textures which means that all the previous job has been done by us disappeared. That is the first thing bothers me . And the second one is , when I want to generate model and texture into two different folder , how can I do that? I found the XNA project has done it for us if you put them in the right way in the Content Folder of the project. It's kind of confused for me . Really appreciate any tips or suggestion about that. Thank you very much.

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