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Pipes McGee

I'm wanting to make music.

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I just finished mucking about the Fruity Loops trial and I really like it. Question is, any good free software out there so I can make songs (techno, etc.) of my own? I want to create my own original music but without using a MIDI keyboard - is that at all possible? Anyway, thanks. [smile]

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Reason, FL Studio..umm, Cubase.. They all come with piano rolls for the mouse lover :)

Ps. Reason doesn't support VST's(Virtual instrument plugins) which means it's a closed up software, and Cubase is quite pricy. I'd recommend trying Reason though, and for when you need to use VST's, cubase. But these are usually just personal opinions as i'm not very comfortable with FL Studio's layout and design.
Also, if none of the above suits you, i could recommend trying a midi sequencer like Cakewalk, since you can import midi files in most modern programs and hook them up with different more advanced instruments. MIDI is like the base platform of most modern computer-crafted music :D

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Hey, Pipes,

With most software you can create MIDI music without a keyboard or other controller. With some you can edit the music staff directly, or see a visual representation of the notes on what's often called a "piano roll" (since it looks like the roll from the old player pianos).

If you're just looking to create music, but it doesn't have to be MIDI, there are plenty of MOD trackers out there. MODs let you use samples to create songs. Here are links to a few:


If you have a Mac that you bought recently, it should have come with iLife, which includes GarageBand. You can do all kinds of stuff with loops and samples, as well as record your own stuff, and it has tons of effects and processing options. A couple of the guys in my band use it for laying down ideas.

There's always looplabs:

A new one that's coming up is MusicShake - though it may be more like WiiMusic - aimed at the non-musical:

Audacity and Ardour are good for free, but they have steeper learning curves, and aren't as fully-functional and compatible as the commercial packages.

Have you seen loops.net?

There's ton of stuff out there - my suggestion is find the one that works the way you think. If you can also find one that's similar to a commercial package in design, it will make it easier to transition later, if you want more features.

Hope that helps some; I'm sure others who use the loop-oriented stuff will have more ideas ;-D


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All of these are great suggestions. Are you a student? If so, you can often get full (or almost full) versions of software and a greatly discounted price.

Check into it!


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