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[solved] problems with glut+multiple keyboard keys

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Hi everyone! I'm having cg in my university and now i'm learning ogl and glut. As part of evaluation i'm to do a 3 step project and I decided to do something like the good old micromachines :) Everything is going fine except the input thing... I use something like:

and in specialdown and specialup I change the state of a variable to be checked every time I need to know if a specific key is down... Everything should be fine and is fine as long as I only press one key at a time. If I press a key(holding it) and press a second key, the second key is not detected unless I press it a second time :S Need help! :( thanks in advance ;) EDIT:Problem solved... I just deleted the glutIgnoreKeyRepeat(true); :P [Edited by - sekai on November 8, 2008 9:15:58 AM]

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