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Designer Looking to Program

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I'm still in High School and have done a fair amount of independent sudy on Game Design. I have a lot of ideas and have tried many online Game Makers. The one I want to use is Microsoft's XNA and the language is C#.I know nothing at all about programming so is this language too hard for a beginner and will it be useful when I eventually get hired? I really want to learn how to program basic games to make a tech demo, and programming will be an extra advantage in getting a job. I hope to be able to do all this before I'm finished highschool in 2 years, so I have a relatively short time. Basically, my questions are: -Is C# to advanced for me, someone who knows nothing about basic programming? -If so, where should I start? -Are there any beginner and easy to understand books on the language you suggest? Also, I only want to learn computer languages used in the game industry.

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