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Fullscreen mode artifacts from child windows

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Hi, I'm very new to directx programming and this question also touches on windows API so please bear with me.. I've got a D3D game running inside a web browser as a windowed activeX control. Everything runs fine until I try going to fullscreen mode. In this case, other items on the webpage "show/flicker" through the fullscreen rendering. For example if I also embed and run a youtube video on the same page it flickers heavly. I've got the browser window running as TOP_MOST window and covering the fullscreen resolution area (otherwise windows taskbar flickers through). If I run the game as a standalone app in its own parent window (separate from the browser), no artifact problems. I'm wondering if there is anything I can do to prevent child windows inside the browser parent from creating these artifacts while in fullscreen mode. Or perhaps masking the artifacts somehow. Thanks,

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