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[.net] void pointer help??

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The void pointer is a Mdagpath and I want to connect the exclusive matrix to a matrix attribute geometrySurfaceConstraint::targetGeometry What Im doing wrong? MStatus geometrySurfaceConstraintCommand::connectTarget(void *opaqueTarget, int index) { MDagPath* voidDagPath =(MDagPath*)opaqueTarget; void *Void = &voidDagPath->exclusiveMatrix(); MStatus status = connectTargetAttribute( Void, index, geometrySurfaceConstraint::targetGeometry ); if (!status) { status.perror("connectTargetGeometry"); return status;} return MS::kSuccess; }

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I think you're in the wrong forum so you might have trouble getting answers, this is for discussion about the .NET api. Your question is better suited for a maya api or tools oriented forum.


according to this site:

the function youre trying to use is obsolete, you should try using:

MStatus MPxConstraintCommand::connectTargetAttribute(MDagPath& targetPath, int index, MObject& targetAttribute, MObject& constraintAttr, bool instanced = false)

which isn't obsolete AND takes a MDagPath instead of a void* which should solve your original problem.

Hopefully that helps!!

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