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Changing mouse cursor and making it always on top in console

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In some console game I saw floating around here (think it was Space Cowboys or something in the 3 hour game challenge), the cursor was changed to something different. The only way I've thought of doing something like this is to draw a character at the mouse x,y coordinates every time there's a mouse event. Is this how it should be done or is there a more proper way? Also, how do I make it so the cursor is always on top? If I fill the whole buffer with 0xDB or whatever so it's a clear screen, the cursor won't show up above that. If I do the above method, it always shows up but then my program just turns into a paint program and draws the cursor wherever I move mouse. I guess I have to store all the coordinates adjacent to the mouse in a temp variable to redraw what should be there as I move it. I think this is probably the way to go but I only want to go this route if it's the only way though because it seems like there'd be something in windows.h or whatever to do this already. Thanks. edit: I think I figured it out using the above method and storing what's around the cursor as I draw it but if anyone knows better, I'd be happy to hear it!

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