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OpenGL I am new in GL I can't undeerstand what does MatrixMode do

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Hi, I am new in OpenGL. I tyr to write code in OpenGL so I examine sample codes. while examinig I can not understand What glMatrixMode does and How MatrixMode works. what is the difference GL_PROJECTION and GL_MODELVIEW . in the below jogl code ,why the first GL_PROJECTION, why not MODELVIEW. That is I can not understand. GL gl = drawable.getGL (); gl.glMatrixMode (GL.GL_PROJECTION); gl.glLoadIdentity (); float aspect = (float) width/(float) height; glu.gluPerspective (FOVY, aspect, NEAR, FAR); gl.glMatrixMode (GL.GL_MODELVIEW);

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By using matrixmode, you specify which matrix you are going to manipulate.
There are four matrixmodes you can operate on:

used for positioning objects in the world.
Used to specify screen projection (field of view, aspect ratio etc, perspective correction etc)

Used to manipulate texture coordinates.
Used to manipulate colors (Allthough I have no idea how or why)

In your code sample you first specify that you want to work on the projection matrix.
glLoadIdentity resets the matrix.
After that you set the perspective (which should operate on the projection matrix)

Then you specify that you want to operate on the modelview matrix.
Often that matrix is also reset using glLoadIdentity.

Now idealy you start by positioning the camera ( or in other words moving all object in the world). Then you render objects ( possibly moving them in advance)

Hope that helps.

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