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Hey guys: I am writing a computer game which is most like fable, and I want to run the basic design through the internet filter to see if I can work out any kinks before I get too far in. Basically, I am using the irrlicht graphics engine, and I want to use embedded LUA scripting to control the game development, while using hard coded c++ to control units within the game, items etc. There is a main worldManager class, which contains a vector of the unit, the doors, the items(on the ground), and the destroyable items( crates and stuff ). It would control the camera, and place each unit on the ground at the appropriate position. Units could then move freely, and then be placed on the ground by using raycasting the find their position on the ground. Each unit/door/item would have a numeric ID which would be used to control it in the LUA scripts. Units themselves would basically have a simple state based AI - if anyone could recommend a good path finding system that would be great - which would select the appropriate animation range, and then attempt to move, checking for a collision with the bounding box of any small objects ( doors, walls, destroyable items, other people ) then move forward. The world manager would then position them on the ground using ray casting. Doors/containers would have a function which would be called whenever a specific key was pressed, where the player object would get the object infront of it based of its bounding box, and if it was a door / container, it would run the 'activate' function, which would either open or close the door or whatever. A similar system would be used for combat, where when the player attacked, the object in front of the player would take damage, become hostile etc. If anyone can spot any obvious problems, or offer any help, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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