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template specialization based on inherit class

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I want to make this specialized w/o changing main. Is it possible to specialize something based on its base class? i hope so. -edit- I'll have several classes inheriting SomeTag. I dont want to write the same specialization for each of them.
class SomeTag {};
class InheritSomeTag : public SomeTag {};

template <class T, class Tag=T>
struct MyClass

template <class T>
struct MyClass<T, SomeTag>
	typedef int isSpecialized;

int main()
	MyClass<SomeTag>::isSpecialized test1; //ok
	MyClass<InheritSomeTag>::isSpecialized test2; //how do i make this specialized w/o changing main()
	return 0;

[Edited by - AcidZombie24 on November 11, 2008 12:22:45 PM]

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