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Quake 2 Box map!

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Hi Guys! I am a developer currently messing around with the Java port of Quake 2 - jake2. I need to do some testing on a bot i am writing and need to test it on a large box map like this : (I appreciate this is not quake2 :S!). I have tried countless tools to create the map myself such as quark, qeradient worldcraft etc etc etc but being a very very very unexperianced map creator for any game im obviously not quite doing something write as the maps just wont load. I know custom maps work because other ones work with the java port! If somebody could point me towards a large very very simlpe box map, or even better perhaps throw one together for me - in bsp format using the bog standard quake2 textures I would be in eternal debt to them. This has cost me so much time and am not sure what else to try! Thanks in advance guys, Andy

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