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Having problems with this 3D thing in flash... x.x

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Hi hm... I actually feel very embarassed for having to bring this to you people... but, I really need some help with this and I simply can't get the stuff I'm finding on google: I'm trying to make a 3D system in Flash, now you'll probably swear at me and tell me to go search for one that's already been made xD but really want to have something of "myself" on it. So here's the question: right now I'm not much into all that stuff about 3D world and stuff, so I did some simple code to do all those calculations and stuff of the matrixes, and then now I'm trying to make it rotate to. I thought it would be like something that would look like the "view" is rotating around itself or something. Well that's what I thought it would be. Turns out that the "Z" rotation makes the render tilt sideways, now I don't know if it's supposed to be like that or no, it's been ages since I last touched my 3D programs, but I'll suppose it is. But with the "X" and "Y" rotations, it takes the "block" on the middle of the scene (which is actually just a space filled with some dots floating there), and then it kind of deforms the block some way, it seems like it keeps the rotation centered on whatever is on the middle of the Flash Stage, and then everything around it moves forward or backward; dunno how to explain, it just doesn't look natural, doesn't look like the camera is actually inside the scene. I'll try to get some pics: I'm doing this: I think it should be like this: (woot paint drawings )= ) It is like that, the camera "focuses" the middle and the rest distort around it, but I wanted to know how to make stuff rotate around the camera like it was looking around. BTW, my code isn't really too much, there's only one matrix representing the world transformations and the operations are applied to it and then applied to the vertices, I don't think I have a matrix for the camera if that matters :P Sorry if I'm annoying you people with my simple questions but it's kind of important for me! :) Thanks!

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