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Game UI design books?

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A number of books will touch on UI design in video games and I've seen countless interviews and articles with developers discussing some of their thoughts on the subject, but I don't think I've ever seen an entire book dedicated to the topic before. Weird.

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Game Interface Design

In that link about the subject at the end is a book list and more links.

Some draw some attention:


Designing User Interfaces for Games

GUI are important as they are the two way connection between gamer en game mechanics core.

Recent I'am playing X3 Terran Conflict wich is a good example of a not so effecient way to do things. The genre is complex and there is a lot of depth. So I expect a bigger learning curve. But It could be done way better. interfaces don't fit well by some of gameplay mechanics incorporated in this game. Also do I miss some interfaces with some type of gameplay needs.
All this remind me of Derek smart universal combat.

Both games have fighters I think. In X3 there is not mush wrong with it. But both have Capital ships. That's a different ball of gameplay. And that has large influence on user interface. UC is more about simulation. X3 misses the UI for that it has the fighter UI for that with some extra options in deep menu's.
In case of simulation, the captian of a USS Nimits doesnt do all the task of its 5000 crew. So leading a big space cruiser means commanding at a higher level mostly to the once direct underhim. The details are done by various AI npc or groups. As the captian wishes to take matters in its own hands number 1 takes over. First cpatian replacable crew member. That is simulating not micro managing a full Capital ship like a borg queen collective. That is to overloading a human mind. Let it stress out by overtasking. And that with clumpsy interfaces. A realy big challange for gamers wo can do a lot more simultainly then other. Do would do somthimes the extra mile of high learning curve and master a difficult UI.

I'am also interrested in a GUI book.

They say gameplay is the most important part of a game. I think it must all be in good ballance with enough time to do all well. So a good game need all above average and better beyond.

For a X3 kind of game
If gameplay is important, a good GUI is a good base fundament to connect gameplay to gamer. Gameplay can suffer badly from AI dumbness or micromange whole fleet in real time in a battle. This complex game need some ease on micromanagement. So good AI is very important to and some automation.

And Pretty miles big space ships got my attention in the first place.

It's about clear that I'am interrested in making a X3 UC kind of game. But even mixed with Masseffect. The UI get better each X game release. Maybe 5th game get another boost on that part.

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