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delete problem after calling recvfrom()

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this whats happening : char *pcName = new char[ strQueryName.length() ]; -> length is four recvfrom( socketUser, pcName, sizeof(pcName), 0, (SOCKADDR*)&sockClientAddress, &AddressSize ); delete [] pcName; it gives me the HEAP CORRUPTION DETECTED: CRT detected that the application wrote to memory after end of heap buffer. why is this? it has to do with the recvfrom() function because i can easily delete it before the call, with out any errors

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Your use of sizeof() is incorrect. The result of sizeof() on a pointer is a fixed value. You want to use the size of the buffer - which you would have to track seperately. In C++, we can use std::vector as a temporary buffer. std::vector is guaranteed to be contigious, we can obtain a pointer to the first element by using &vec.front(), and the size by use vec.size().

#include <vector>


std::vector<char> buffer(queryName.length());

recvfrom( socketUser, &buffer.front(), buffer.size(), 0, (SOCKADDR*)&sockClientAddress, &AddressSize );

Finally, note the lack of "delete []" calls. std::vector<> does that for us.

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