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Render a control to a texture

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Hi. I am trying to render a flash to a d3d texture. This is more of a winapi question than a directx question. I am currently trying to use bitblt to copy the device context of my flash control onto an hbitmap. After that, I will use the D3DxCreateTextureFromMemory to render my hbitmap. The following is how I am doing it.
HBITMAP FlashController::getTexture(HWND hWnd)
	HDC flashDC = GetDC((HWND)flashPlayer->Handle.ToPointer());
	HDC destDC = CreateCompatibleDC(flashDC);
	HBITMAP hBMP = CreateCompatibleBitmap(destDC,

	SelectObject(destDC, hBMP);
		   SRCCOPY) == 0)
		return NULL;

	BITMAP bmp;
	return hBMP;

However when I check the bmp's bmBits is pointing to 0 which tells me my image didn't get loaded correctly. Does anyone see why my code wouldn't work here? Thanks!

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