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OpenSceneGraph + SDL + Guichan input problem

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Hi, i trying join OSG +SDL +Guichan. And I had a problem with Guichan input. The widgets are rending but the events not work. I use the following code to the events
bool SDLbase::convertEvents(SDL_Event& event, osgGA::EventQueue& eventQueue) { switch (event.type) { case SDL_MOUSEMOTION: eventQueue.mouseMotion(event.motion.x, event.motion.y); return true; case SDL_MOUSEBUTTONDOWN: eventQueue.mouseButtonPress(event.button.x, event.button.y, event.button.button); return true; case SDL_MOUSEBUTTONUP: eventQueue.mouseButtonRelease(event.button.x, event.button.y, event.button.button); return true; case SDL_KEYUP: eventQueue.keyRelease( (osgGA::GUIEventAdapter::KeySymbol) event.key.keysym.unicode); return true; case SDL_KEYDOWN: eventQueue.keyPress( (osgGA::GUIEventAdapter::KeySymbol) event.key.keysym.unicode); return true; case SDL_VIDEORESIZE: eventQueue.windowResize(0, 0, event.resize.w, event.resize.h ); return true; default: break; } return false; } void SDLbase::events() { // message processing loop SDL_Event event; while (SDL_PollEvent(&event)) { this->convertEvents(event, *(scene3d->gw->getEventQueue())); // check for messages switch (event.type) { // exit if the window is closed case SDL_QUIT: done = true; break; // check for keypresses case SDL_KEYDOWN: { // exit if ESCAPE is pressed if (event.key.keysym.sym == SDLK_ESCAPE) done = true; break; } } // end switch guichan->input->pushInput(event); } // end of message processing }
Anyone know what is wrong? EDIT: here is the link to complete source source [Edited by - daskrs on November 18, 2008 5:38:43 AM]

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