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simulating ragdoll with Bullet

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Hello Would anyone please try and help me here. Please see attached screen shot: I use DirectX Skinned mesh SDK to load and render my skinned mesh. Specifically I render my mesh with the code under DrawMeshContainer with the method D3DNONINDEXED. So there's 4 matrix here. 2 Goes with the derive D3DXFRAME. Another 2 for the pointer and the bone offset that goes to the derived D3DXMESHCONTAINER. Prior to the rendering, I do 2 things. 1. - is I set orientation from the rag doll rigid bodies to D3DXFrame::TransformationMatrix 2. I update all the frame matrices and put them into a combined matrix variable - just the same code how everyone else does it. Then render the entire mesh hierarchy. I would remove step #1 if i were just animating the mesh, and it would show right. This is how I do step #1.
// declare a few variables
float yaw, pitch, roll;

// extract transformation from rigid bodies
btTransform pelvis = m_bodies[BODYPART_PELVIS]->getWorldTransform();
btTransform leftUpperLeg  = m_bodies[BODYPART_LEFT_UPPER_LEG]->getWorldTransform();

// apply transformation to the frame's transformation matrix
D3DXMatrixTransformation(  &((Frame*)m_pMesh->GetFrame( "RootFrame" ))->TransformationMatrix, NULL, NULL, NULL,
		NULL, &quat, &ConvertVector(pelvis.getOrigin()) );

// the whole transformation is only applied to the root frame, the rest i only apply orientations
leftUpperLeg.getBasis().getEulerZYX( yaw, pitch, roll );
D3DXMatrixRotationYawPitchRoll( &((Frame*)m_pMesh->GetFrame( "ThighLeftBone" ))->TransformationMatrix, yaw,pitch, roll );

// I do the same with the HeadBone

I only try to deform the upper leg, the head and the pelvis, and it won't transform right. The pelvis/root frame seems to be correct, otherwise both the leg and the head are not. I'm expecting they should at least align with the rigid bodies. The 2 side by side screen shot above is when i only apply orientation. The lower screen shot is when i apply the whole rigid body transformation to the upper left leg - you can see its drifting apart! This is the frame hierarchy if it helps:
DEBUG -  RootFrame
DEBUG -   HipLeftBone
DEBUG -    HipBone
DEBUG -     HipRightBone
DEBUG -      ThighRightBone
DEBUG -       ShinRightBone
DEBUG -        FootRightBone
DEBUG -     ChestBone
DEBUG -      ShoulderLeftBone
DEBUG -       NeckBone
DEBUG -        ShoulderRightBone
DEBUG -         UpperArmRightBone
DEBUG -          ForearmRightBone
DEBUG -           HandRightBone
DEBUG -        HeadBone
DEBUG -       UpperArmLeftBone
DEBUG -        ForearmLeftBone
DEBUG -         HandLeftBone
DEBUG -    ThighLeftBone
DEBUG -     ShinLeftBone
DEBUG -      FootLeftBone

Please let me know if you guys need additional information. Many thanks in advance!

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