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[.net] Looping/Switching Video Crashes - Managed DirectX

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Hello all, I'm really at a loss here. I can not seem to get my video app to loop a video. I'm using AudioVideoPlayback and followed the many tutorials out there in getting the basics setup. I can easily switch videos when it's tied to a keypress, but if I want a video to automatically start over or jump to a new one when finished playing ("Ending" event) then Application.Run() throws a null exception. I have tried: - double buffering the loading/unloading of my video files to give the old one enough time to dispose. - forced garbage collection with waiting until it's done - catching dispose even and waiting until it's done (infinite loop) Goal: - I just want to have a few movies (predefined) that I can cycle through with key presses and if a key isn't pressed they are played in sequence. This is my video create/destroy code:
// kill the current, which should be 2
if (m_video_2 != null)
m_video_2 = null;

// create new video in 1
m_video_1 = new Video(filename);
m_video_1.Owner = this;
m_video_1.Size = this.Size;
m_video_1.Ending += new EventHandler(video_Ending);
m_use_first = false;
The app crashes at Run() below but only when trying to play/switch in "Ending" event for the video:
static void Main()
VideoPanel vp = new VideoPanel();
For completeness, here's my "Ending" event handler:
private void video_Ending(object sender, EventArgs e)
	// go to next video in sequence
	if (m_current_video == (m_num_videos - 1))
	{ m_current_video = 0; video_PlayMovie(m_filenames[0]); return; }

	m_current_video += 1;
Any ideas? Any help would really be appreciated. Thanks Eric

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Perhaps the callback is on another thread? You could try a BeginInvoke() so it runs on the form's thread?

Personally I would recommend you use DirectShowNet instead as AudioVideoPlayback is a very limited (and buggy) and is essentially a wrapper for DirectShow anyway.

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Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately setting up delegates and using Invoke/BeginInvoke didn't seem to help. I'll take a look now into DirectShowNET. Thanks for the tip.

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