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putting objects in an arry?

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Well if you wanted an array of NUMBER_OF_ELEMENTS named my_array of type MyClass you would do:

MyClass my_array[NUMBER_OF_ELEMENTS];

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can i store these objects in an arry?
Yes, and there are a few different ways to do so. For example:

// A static array (like SiCrane suggested):
Room rooms[] = { a, b, c, d };

// A boost::array (which is a fairly simple wrapper around a static array):
typedef boost::array<Room, 4> rooms_t;
rooms_t rooms = { a, b, c, d };

// If you don't know how many rooms you're going to have, you'll probably want
// to use a dynamic array class of some sort, e.g. std::vector:
typedef std::vector<Room> rooms_t;
rooms_t rooms;

// If you have the Boost libraries available, you can shorten the above to:
rooms_t rooms = boost::assign::list_of(a)(b)(c)(d);

// This isn't recommended, but doing the memory management yourself would
// look something like this:
Room* rooms = new Room[4];
rooms[0] = a;
rooms[1] = b;
rooms[2] = c;
rooms[3] = d;
// ...
delete [] rooms;

As you can see, there are a number of different things you can do here. Which is the optimal solution depends on the circumstances.

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Original post by Z_of_Thule
no i mean say i have the class room, and i make 4 objects (a,b,c,d) with the classd room. can i store these objects in an arry?

Do you want these objects to be in the variables a b c d AND the array? Because

Room rooms[] = {a, b, c, d};

will COPY the objects into the array.

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