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Am I using UML correctly?

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Hi everybody! I would like to "visually" present a system which involves a cell-and-portal culling mechanism. Although the class hierarchy itself is not the main topic, I need a simplified way of explain the design and traversal paths in order to "give the whole picture". My idea was to present this using UML. Problem is (and this is embarrassing) - I'm not to comfertable with using UML... So, this is why I turn to you for some advice! Below is (part of) my class hierarchy and "connections" as I believe it should be expressed. UML design Now, in plain text, the system works something like this: The Building object has a list of ExteriorWalls and also has access to all Cells contained in the Building (organized in a spatial structure). BuildingElment is a base-class for all types of "building-elements"... ExteriorWalls may contain WindoorSets, which are, sort of, groups of Windoors (The term Windoor refers to either a window or a door). A Windoor always has a Portal object - The Portal "leads" to one or two Cells. If a Portal only leads to one Cell, then the Portal is also connected to "the outside". Every Cell has a list of contained and enclosing objects (BuildingElements). Depending on camera location, the traversal will start either in a cell or "from the outside". If traversal starts "from the outside" visible exerior walls will "trigger" any visible WindoorSet, down to visible Windoors, Portal and finally a Cell (the process is actually more complex, but in essence, this is what happens). If the traversal starts in a Cell, contained and enclosing BuildingObjects will be "triggered", which in turn might "trigger" any visible portals and so forth... Now to the questions: 1) Based on what I just (tried) to explain, is my UML-diagram correct??? 2) I there a better way (in UML) to show the "object and traversal relations"?? (I am aware of that my filled "dimonds" shouldn't be filled, but the software I used (UMLEditorDemo) always draws "dimonds" as filled... ) Regards, Mike

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