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(DX9 C++) Maya to DX9 workflow

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Commonly when I'm working in Maya I find myself wondering if some of the less obvious edits to my mesh would also be understood by DirectX. I.E. Surface creases or references to Normal maps some other map via path. I use Chad Vernon's cvxporter to send my meshes to .x files, and you can choose attributes to export, but I do not know what half of them are. My overall question I'd like answered based on this is, What is everything I can do in Maya (Outside of making the general mesh geometry and overall shape) that can reduce my total workload in DirectX? There are tutorials all OVER the place, but none of them give me an idea of a Maya to DX workflow. Mesh attributes between softwares is one of my weaker fields, so a quick bit of info there would be great. [Edited by - zyrolasting on November 20, 2008 12:47:30 AM]

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